As a stand-up comedy show, this is a production of technical simplicity, which promotes the coming together of a community of like-minded mothers to experience some much needed comic relief from the stress of day-to-day parenting.

This show is more than just a good laugh: we hope that it allows mothers to improve their bond with each other through shared catharsis. We want them to bring their friends, their family, their own mothers…in the hope that by sharing this experience together they’ll be inspired and encouraged to share more with each other and remind each other how to turn their own moments of failure and exhaustion into laughter.

Headlined by Jenny Wynter, there is a talented group of mama comedians performing as MCs and supporting acts, enabling the Funny Mummies Comedy Gala to adapt and change, giving the potential for fresh periodic shows at the same venues.

Whilst this show is aimed at women, and at mothers in particular, it has successfully been presented as everything from a strictly women-only “Ladies Night” to a general family-friendly comedy night, with tickets available to all comers!

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“The show was packed to the rafters with women, the line-up of mother comedians was fantastic, and everybody had a wonderful time!”

Sam Jockel, Founder of School Mum and ParentTV

“Congratulations on an awesome show…the atmosphere was electric.”

Fedele Cristi, Sit Down Comedy Club

Technical Summary

This show is technically straightforward with a bare minimum of two vocal microphones plus microphone stands and a basic light set-up. Given the nature of the show we can adapt it to suit most indoor venues – ideally with a raised stage area.

For speed of bump-in/out it will be generally assumed that Funny Mummies will use our own equipment but can integrate with existing infrastructure where appropriate.

Bump in for all sound and lighting requires approximately 1 hour for set up and sound/light checks, finishing no later than 20 minutes before doors open. Bump out requires less than 30 minutes.

Audience contributions are handled gently, with warmth and empathy – they are never made the butt of the joke, and always made the stars of the show.

Our filming and photography policy for this show is a “play nice” policy: we have no issues with audience members taking photographs or short videos during the show – particularly if they are videoing content inspired by their suggestions – on the following conditions: don’t use flash; don’t annoy other audience members; don’t video the whole show. Photographs and short videos can be great social media content for publicising the show, either at the same venue or at later venues.


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