For Jenny Wynter

Jenny’s creative voice is original, bold and clear. She sheds new light on themes such as parenthood, modern family relationships, being a 21st Century woman and the Australian – and especially the contemporary Queenslander – identity. Jenny has a strong sense of her audience and the skills and talents to attract them.

Tim Ferguson

(I)… am not exaggerating when I say that she possesses a rare quality – a combination of stage presence, wit, intelligence and honesty – that I don’t come across too often.”

Michael Pollock, musical director of Second City LA, credits include The Drew Carey Show, The Tonight Show.

…a funny, talented lady… I hope that Brisbane appreciates what a treasure it has…

Steve Kaplan, USA-based comedy coach and creator of HBO Workspace (produced, developed & presented Jack Black, Nathan Lane and Nia Vardalos)

For the Funny Mummies Comedy Gala

Mt Surprise hasn’t laughed this much in… ever.

Event Organiser, Etheridge Shire

During this COVID 19 period of uncertainty and decline in opportunities to be social. This Comedy Gala was an injection of normality very much overdue. The community had the opportunity to catch up with friends have a night out, laugh until it hurt and go home with a renewed lease on life.
The touring crew who arrived in Quilpie the day before the performance took the time to interact with people and support local businesses within the Quilpie Shire. They were an absolute delight to have, and we would welcome them back in the future with open arms.

Event Organiser, Quilpie Shire

We had anticipated 100 people, but quickly went to the maximum allowed under COVID safe rules in our venue… First social outing for live entertainment since pandemic was declared.  I noticed a lot of health workers and elderly (60+) in the audience.  Value to the community from a mental health perspective cannot be overstated.

Event Organiser, South Western Queensland

I would especially like to acknowledge and shout out a very big thankyou to our Funny Mummies – Jasmine, Jenny and Carolyn, also the support crew for coming to Barcy and giving us your time, to share your humour with us all here tonight…
…Galas like this during these unprecedented times, and especially Comedy, helps us to cope with our social, emotional and mental well-being.
I, and I’m sure everyone else here tonight, believes comedy is a great coping mechanism, and laughter is the best medicine to ingest on a regular basis throughout our lives.
On behalf of myself, the custodians, and the wider community we hope you enjoy your stay in Barcaldine, and you travel safely on traditional countries throughout your journey.

Indigenous Elder, Barcaldine