BYO Love Stories - a pop musical comedy experience

Relive the 80s and fall in love all over again with Jenny Wynter’s hilarious new show, BYO Love Stories!

Do you remember the days when true love was a mixtape, a boombox and a pair of leg warmers?

When you dreamed of finding your own Patrick Swayze or being your very own Flashdance hero?

When you learned everything you needed to know about romance from John Hughes movies and Madonna songs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to see this show!

Jenny will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sharing her own funny and heartfelt stories of growing up in the 80s and how pop culture shaped her views of love, romance and relationships. Share your own love stories, and Jenny will turn them into hilarious improvised 80’s pop songs!

Get ready for the loved-up mixtape of songs that never existed, until now! Whether you’re single, married, divorced or somewhere in between, you’ll find something to relate to and laugh at in this show. So grab your girlfriends, your mum, your daughter, or anyone who loves a good laugh and a catchy tune, and join Jenny for a night of “BYO Love Stories”!

You’ll be singing along, dancing in your seats, and feeling the power of love!

About the show

Like all our shows, we keep BYO Love Stories as technically simple as possible. This means the show is flexibly staged, so that we maintain a fast turnaround. We bring all the equipment needed for the show, and a dedicated, experienced technician. This show is nostalgic, energetic, and interactive – the songs are improvised by Jenny Wynter based on audience suggestions, accompanied by one of our amazing musical directors.

Audience contributions are handled gently, with warmth and empathy – they are never made the butt of the joke, and always made the stars of the show.

Our filming and photography policy for this show is a “play nice” policy: we have no issues with audience members taking photographs or short videos during the show – particularly if they are videoing content inspired by their suggestions – on the following conditions: don’t use flash; don’t annoy other audience members; don’t video the whole show. Photographs and short videos can be great social media content for publicising the show, either at the same venue or at later venues.

Coming soon

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