My name is Jon M Wilson.

I have a passion for creating things to bring entertainment to life: set pieces, props, costumes, jewellery, accessories, signage, merchandise for entertainers and more.

If you have a concept, my superpower is taking the idea and turning it sideways, upside down and back again with you to create things that neither of us would have thought of otherwise. I absolutely love the creative process of taking ideas, stretching them and delighting in what can be made from them. With 24×7 access to a powerful laser cutter and home studio, designs can be rapidly prototyped and brought to their final form.

Tour Management and Logistics – Funny Mummies Touring

Art Department, Merchandise, accessories – Quirkish Designs

QR Code Business Cards

Laser engraved in 3mm acrylic, these permanent business cards can be used to provide contact details instead of a disposable, discardable business card. The QR code can direct people to your website, email address, contact card or other destination of choice.

QR Perpetual Business Cards
QR Perpetual Business Cards